I’m so excited to write this blog about my first cruise as a blogger and share my experience with you!  I took a 12-night Southern Caribbean cruise on Celebrity Silhouette starting on December 1st, 2019, and in short, it was fabulous!  Before I get to it, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention why I’m way behind schedule in writing the series of blogs that I have planned about this cruise.  Two reasons why: the first being the day I disembarked from the cruise I ended up getting some type of horrific flu that took me almost three weeks to recover from.  The second reason why I’m late is because I started my new dream job as a travel consultant, a second career for me that I just finished going back to school for.

Ok, enough about that…let’s get to the good stuff…the cruise!  Why this cruise?  The timing of this cruise was significant for a few reasons.  I always cruise in the first week or two of December because it’s one of the most economical times of the year to cruise in the Caribbean, there are few children onboard since this is during the school year and I like to get away to the tropics just as the endless winter arrives here in Western New York.  I also had a lot to celebrate with a belated fifth wedding anniversary and just finishing school.

The other reason for choosing this specific cruise was the itinerary.  I had always wanted to take a longer cruise, and the seven islands that it was stopping at were some of my favorite islands, plus two new islands that I have never been to before.


I have cruised with Celebrity once before, and it was on the Silhouette.  While I do enjoy trying out ships that I’ve never cruised before, I’ll admit that I was excited about cruising on the Silhouette again as I really enjoyed my previous cruise on her back in 2016.

Silhouette is going into dry dock in January 2020 as part Celebrity’s 500-million-dollar Revolution project to refurbish every ship in their fleet using the same design concepts fashioned after the Edge which launched in 2018.  The Edge is Celebrity’s newest class of ground-breaking ships in the Edge class.

Knowing that this ship was going into dry dock less than a month after I cruised on her, I wondered if I’d see a difference in service or product.  As I suspected, Celebrity didn’t disappoint.  The service was impeccable, and she looked great, considering her last refurb was in January 2015.  With an imminent refurb happening, the series of blogs that I’ll be writing about for this cruise will focus more on the destinations visited rather than a blow-by-blow of the ship from top to bottom.  I will be writing some blogs about my experience with the ship in terms of service, food and activities since a refurb has no bearing on those aspects, and they are all an important part of the overall experience of cruising.

Check back soon for my next blog about my experience on Celebrity Silhouette.


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